Biological Studies

Biological Studies



Biotechnology is a set of techniques based on knowledge areas such as genetics, immunology, microbiology and pharmacology, guided by an analytical and investigative point of view.


The development of a product, drug or biomaterial for human, veterinary or environmental use, is characterized by evaluation phases and considerations regarding the safety in their use. The initial stage, whose evaluations are based in determining such safety, such as toxic and carcinogenic potential, is denominated Preclinical phase, which will guide the whole process of development and other assessments until commercialization.


The work performed by Biosintesis Laboratory allows updating solutions with confidence and assurance so that each client and/or partner constitute their job through intense collaboration and communication, the technical scientific guidance and compliance with established deadlines.


The global trend of improving human and animal health and the preservation of environment, based on transparency of the use of technology and in the improvement of pharmacological, toxicological and preclinical biocompatibility analysis, is also shared by Biosintesis Laboratory.