Clinical Research


Featuring lab and accredited researchers to CONEP-REC system, Biosintesis provide laboratorial support to conduct multicenter clinical trials in several therapeutic areas and to health assistance, with projects designed and executed according to Good Clinical Practice and national and international regulatory guidelines of clinical research.


Our technical team is qualified and dedicated to systematic monitoring of clinical research in order to ensure the results accuracy and rigorous performance of the protocol with sponsors of the study, with care and customized technological solutions to the design of each project.



Clinical research performed by Biosintesis:



  • Collection, management and processing of biological material
  • Receipt and storage of collection kits of biological material
  • Solutions and development of analytical methodology in ELISA assays, flow citometry, PCR, among others
  • Laboratorial, hematological, biochemical exams
  • Statistical analysis of the data
  • Submission of projects to REC-CONEP system
  • Study reports and development of operational protocols.