The nanostructured materials offer a wide field of new opportunities for industrial grown and economic and social development. New products range from industrial material and food components, whose production is measured in tonnes of nanostructure products, until the microscopic elements of electro-electronics, fine chemicals and pharmaceutical industries.


The importance of nanotechnology can be measured by impact of the area regarding market size, in the number of companies in the sector. As these products appear on the market, it grows the public concern about their security, which must be known and clearly determined. The key to acceptance of nanotechnology products is the existence of a qualified and robust system of measurement, control and regulation. The current global economy depends on measures and reliable tests, internationally accepted to allow the overcoming of Technical Barriers.


The Biosintesis Laboratory develops toxicological evaluation protocols in vitro and in vivo to nanostructured materials, in partnership with NANTOTOX network of INMETRO and it is actively participating in the discussions as member of Study Commission in ISO TC 229 to the elaboration of the standardizations of this segment.